The Protelec group changes ownership and is now in the hands of a consortium of Caribbean industrialists.

January, 2024

Pompes Protelec, the leading provider of sales and maintenance for hydraulic pumps in the Caribbean, is now in the hands of a consortium of regional industrialists as the year comes to a close. With 29 years of success attributed to the quality of its services and a strong client network, founder Christophe GALLE sought the assistance of the investment bank Wingate to facilitate the sale of 100% of the company’s capital upon his retirement.

Established in 1993 and based in Baie-Mahault, Guadeloupe, Pompes Protelec specializes in the sale and maintenance of hydraulic pumps catering to various industries (water, sanitation, general and specialized industries) and clients (industrial, distributors, individuals, and installers).

The company operates throughout the entire value chain, from technical studies to the installation and maintenance of hydraulic pumps. Its strategic location, dedicated sales store, and customized offerings have positioned Protelec as one of the few specialists in the field in the Caribbean.

In this highly favorable context, Christophe GALLE chose to sell 100% of Pompes Protelec’s capital. With five successful operations in the Caribbean over the past two years, the investment bank Wingate emerged as an ideal partner for this transaction.

After a competitive process lasting only a few months and with five candidates swiftly expressing interest, a consortium of Caribbean industrial groups led by the SAD Group ultimately acquires the company. Their goal is to continue expanding Protelec throughout the French and English-speaking Caribbean.