January, 2024

The company SPEPP, specializing in construction site fencing and panels, custom fittings, as well as markings and signage for long-term construction sites, is joining the LT GROUP through its entity CAUPAMAT.

Founded in 1974 and based in Orly, the company SPEPP has established itself as a key player in the construction site security industry for BTP clients. With its in-house production workshop, SPEPP is capable of addressing all technical situations encountered on construction sites, ensuring optimal safety throughout the process.

With 50 years of success within the Goncalves family, the two brothers who are shareholders of SPEPP approached WINGATE to initiate a competitive sales process.

The merger with the LT GROUP through the company CAUPAMAT naturally emerged as the chosen acquirer for the SPEPP.

Ideal complementarity and family continuity: While CAUPAMAT has specialized in securing temporary construction sites with clients in Public Works, SPEPP has built a strong reputation in securing construction sites for building projects that extend over an extended period.

Currently owned by Messrs. Goncalves, who have taken over from their mother, SPEPP has become a company with a strong local presence. The Goncalves family will continue to play an essential role in the company’s management to ensure the smooth integration of SPEPP within the LT GROUP. This decision demonstrates the LT GROUP’s commitment to preserving the valuable skills of SPEPP’s 40 employees.